Maternity Care Germany

At the moment we are building a company in maternity care in Germany. Germany, a country with outstanding medical services does not have maternity care. The Netherlands, on the other hand is a country with a long history of outstanding maternity care. So we thought:  why not provide the German families with the Dutch quality of maternity care ?


By training German women according to the Dutch Maternity Care Standard we can offer the German families our services brought to them by qualified German maternity nurses. Due to our experience in other paramedical disciplines our German maternity nurses can refer the mother and new born baby to one of our other specialists. Our maternity Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Fit Dank Baby instructors are at their service.


Having a baby shows you the miracle of life in all it's beauty. We hope that we can help families to experience this beauty in the safe and worrie free environnement of their own home.