Diversity Invest BV is the holding company of several new and innovative enterprises. The founder of Diversity Invest BV, Duco Kanij (4 december 1970), started his career as a Physiotherapist in 1994. Mr. Kanij started out as an independent Physiotherapist, and moved on to become an employee of the NHS-Trust and Datatest BV. While working for the Datatest BV, Duco realized that his happiness depended on the freedom to be able to express himself in his daily life and work. According to him all people should be able to have the freedom to do whatever they like, wherever they like. This ideal inspired him to start a company that could create this not only for himself, but also for the individuals that are a core part of the company.


During the past years Diversity Invest has created and enhanced existing businesses in various industries. The success of Diversity Invest is the result of a combination of understanding and honouring the wellbeing of its employees. Because of this, the company was able to expend and grow into the company it is today.