Dutch Soccer Acadamy

The Dutch Soccer Academy (DSA) wants to maximize the physical and mental potential of young talented soccer players. By doing so the chances of a professional career are significantly increased. We want to achieve this by providing the professional soccer world with players that out perform the current professionals.


This can be achieved by our specific training methods. Firstly, to achieve this, talented soccer players are scouted conform the DSA standards. Secondly, the DSA mind-set is manifested within the talented player, the parents, and the direct community. After completing this pre-phase, the potential young professional can acquire a contract from DSA. 

The talented player will be trained mentally and physically according to the DSA methodology. Progress will be extensively analysed by the soccer trainer and the personal trainer on a quarterly base. The talented soccer player will be placed in a top amateur team or a BVO for soccer practice and/or matches. After a pre-discussed period, the talent will be transferred to a BVO domestically or internationally..

For more information about the Dutch Soccer Academy, please contact us at any time or go to the website.