Duco Kanij Physiotherapy

Duco Kanij graduated as a physiotherapist in 1994 and has developed a unique and highly successful and acknowledged treatment method which is called the E.H.D.B.-Method. This treatment method is focused on every aspect of one's life, in health and in particular in sickness. Therefore this treatment is suitable for everyone but especially for people with seemingly insoluble health problems. At each consultation there will be research on the mental and physical situation of the patient through an anamnesis (interview) and a physical examination.  

During this examination we look at:

- The psyche of the patient: where is the patient doing well and where is he dysfunctioning and   

  how does he handle that

- The postural / musculoskeletal system of the patient: how fit and healthy and vital is the patient 

- The functioning of the hormonalsysteem, the nervous system, the blood / lymphatic circulation

- The functioning of the different individual organs

- The bodycells of the patient: the functioning of the various cells in the body

- The secretion and molecular intake of the patient: what he eats and drinks.


The treatment consists out of a variety of different manual technics and mobilisations of the joints and organs. An advice about food and drinks and supplements will be given. Also acupuncture, dry needling or Bach remedies can be part of the treatment.


All the Physiotherapists working at the Therapeutisch Centrum Leiderdorp work according to the E.H.D.B-Method.