Our Companies

Dutch Soccer Acadamy

''Maximizes the physical and mental abilities of young talented soccer players in order to significantly increase their chances of a professional football career.''

Duco Kanij Physiotherapy

''Treats patients based on the idea that mind and body are inextricably.''

Health Care Education

“Your skills must be beneficial to the people you want to serve. Our training is tailored to both your and your patients needs, and maximizes the service you provide.“

Levi & Cohen Incasso

“Collects and finalize open accounts, maintains a healthy relationship with your clients and maximizes your business objectives.”

Nunata UG

“Provides families with excellent Dutch maternity care and support.''

Rent Your Room

''We aim to help national and international students to find the perfect accommodation for both long and short stay in the Netherlands.''


''Provides the best possible care to sportsmen and women.'' 

Therapeutical Centre Leiderdorp

''Diagnoses and treats patients, and gives back their quality of life.''

Tiba Care Group

''Provides care subscriptions containing the most commonly used therapies.''